Hello !

I am Brieuc Couillerot, recently graduated with a Master's degree in Ecosystem biology and Ecological engineering, and I am actively looking for a job in conservation and wildlife biology. Enthusiastic about communicating my experience and curious about web development, I decided to create this website in which I will talk about who I am and what I have done so far, in a more detailed and less formal way than in a curriculum vitae.

You will find here a lot of information about my previous professional experiences, my where and whatabouts, how to contact me and a few documents for you to download (including, of course, my CV.) If you don't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me!

What else ?

Aside from my professional activites, I am passionate about a lot of (too many?) things : observing nature and especially its wildlife, fiddling with information technologies and infography, learning foreign languages (I am fluent in English, French, and can also speak a bit of spanish and japanese), play guitar as well as any music instruments I can put my hands on... and I am not afraid to teach myself about most of it. Outside of this, I am a huge Tolkien fan and I love pretty much every animal there is.

I am very curious about everything that surrounds me and always ready to travel so I can see the word from a different point of view. I think that open-mindedness is the key and many things catch my interest, so don't hesitate to contact me!